Welcome to Aloha Dogs!

Is your dog having a hard time being a polite member of your family?
Do they jump up on guests?
Pull the leash on walks?

We are here to help!  
We use positive reinforcement and motivational methods. 

This method of teaching is proven to accelerate the learning process for dogs.

The alternative to positive training is to use compulsion and adversive methods; this type of training is not only old-fashioned and outdated, but also produces dogs that work out of fear and not because they “want” to.

At Aloha Dogs we want both yourselves AND your dogs to enjoy the learning and training process. 

You will learn the foundation skills needed to create a willing, cooperative companion.



Classes in East Berlin and Gettysburg are now forming and space is limited!

To contact us:
call: 717.829.5767
email: alohadogspa@gmail.com

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Aloha is from the Hawaiian language and means affectionpeacecompassion, and mercy.  This fits with our vision to help every dog owner better communicate and easily understand how to gain cooperation from their pets.

We use proven, science-based positive training methods. Our classes are a cooperative and enjoyable experience for both you and your dog.  

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Insured by Business Insurers of the Carolinas

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Member, APDT

Every pet needs a human who can lead. Not like a boss, but like a partner in a dance—someone who gives clear signals, rewards desirable behavior as it occurs, removes rewards for inappropriate behavior immediately, and sticks to the plan consistently until the new, good behavior is a habit.
— Dr. Sophia Yin