I participated in dog training classes taught by Nicky Mathieson for over 5 years. I took a variety of classes from puppy to agility to rally obedience.
I found the classes to be excellent. Nicky is full of passion, patience and knowledge. Her lessons are carefully planned to ensure the understanding of both the students and their dogs. She has the ability to make her students feel comfortable and safe while still challenging them to learn the skills. She is constantly learning about the latest techniques in force free dog training and behavior and her classes reflect that.
I highly recommend her as a trainer and instructor.
— Jan James, dog groomer
Nicky is a teacher & trainer with a lot of experience, knowledge, and passion for agility, obedience, and dog behaviour problems. I took agility classes with Nicky for 5 years. I highly recommend her.
I met Nicky 6 years ago and was introduced to positive dog training. I’ve never looked back.
Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced handler, Nicky has the dog handling and teaching skills to help you achieve your goals.
— Marietta Bolt
You are a wonderful trainer who is so passionate about your work, the dogs, and success for your clients. Thanks for all the help and encouragement with Noodle. Much appreciated!
— Dee Lewis (and Noodle)
I took agility lessons with Nicky for four years with three different dogs. She got me started in the sport and helped me reach my goal of competing at the BC Regionals and the Canadian Nationals in 2013. She was always able to tailor her agility classes to suit each individual student’s abilities or levels of training. Nicky also had wonderful ideas for helping my dogs through their fear and motivation issues.
— Lisa
I first met Nicky when I went to observe one of her obedience classes.
I was impressed with her professional knowledge and patience with the dogs and their owners.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Nicky to anyone and I think they would be lucky to find someone like Nicky who keeps up to date on current training methods and has that special something that we are lucky to see with our fourleggeds.
— Carolyn Beard, Country Comfort Pet Care
It is always imperative to Nicky to have the sessions be fun for both trainer and the dogs.
Nicky teaches agility, obedience as well as basic manners classes all with the same kind spirit. I would and have recommended Nicky as the trainer I would most trust to teach me and help me obtain a great working relationship with my animals.
— Judith Merkel